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Why you should use a RICS chartered surveyor

What is RICS? The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is an independent professional body which regulates specialists belonging to the property industry.  RICS establishes, regulates and maintains standards in the property industry; all RICS members are professionals who can…

Home Repair

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

You may be happy to see winter coming your way since after all there is something magical about the snow. However, homeowners will have to take care of certain things before they start planning their winter activities. But this doesn’t…


4 Reasons to Change Your Energy Supplier

I might seem like a hassle, but changing energy supplier has a lot of benefits you may not have ever considered. Energy is something you depend on every day, and while saving money is likely to be your main concern,…

Home Repair

How to Decorate in Modern Neutrals

Interior design in recent years has seen colour, colour and more colour. We were painting and papering our homes with all manner of outrageous colours, textures and patterns. In our fast-paced lives it seems to us that our home should…