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Home Repair

How to Decorate in Modern Neutrals

Interior design in recent years has seen colour, colour and more colour. We were painting and papering our homes with all manner of outrageous colours, textures and patterns. In our fast-paced lives it seems to us that our home should…

Food & Drink

Reasons Why Vietnamese Dishes are Healthy

There is no question about the taste of Vietnamese dishes. They are famous around the world because regardless of your preference in food, you will enjoy eating Vietnamese cuisine. Apart from the taste, you will also love eating these dishes…


How to Make the Most Out of Your New Restaurant

Starting a new restaurant can be exciting, but it can also be an incredibly stressful endeavour. When even a single terrible review can lead to heavy repercussions, it pays to do everything right the first time around. Unfortunately, it can…

Home Repair

Interior design options that can save the environment   There are various benefits to a properly realized personal environment. The first thing you should consider is the way your interior design makes you feel. Too much clutter and an overall…

Home Repair

How To Renovate Your Place On A Budget

Home renovation could be a complex matter, especially if done on a tight budget/schedule. Many, in fact, are approaching home renovation as some form of DIY, subsequently ruining (most of the times) their already beautiful place. It’s important, when approaching…


Is Double Glazing Worth the Money?

Double glazing definitely improves a home’s insulation and saves money on heating, but whether the saving is enough to make it worth it has been the subject of a lot of argument. Those arguments leave out a host of other…