Men and pressure to use a penis extender

Penis has always been regarded as the crucial point of masculinity. Men, who have a bigger and stronger penis, are considered more manly than men with smaller penises. Fixation with penis size is not a novelty for humans. Since ancient times, we are programmed in this way. But does the size really matter in today’s world? Well, it would be wrong to say that it is not so, because it was not important, then the penis enlargement industry would be out of the market.

But as we all know that the enlargement industry is growing exponentially every day. This is enough to show that even today men are concerned about their penis size and want to add a few centimeters of it. But the reasons are not very clear so far. We decided to pause for a while in depth the issue of enlargement and find out the reasons men are attracted to magnifying devices as extenders.

Most men tend to look, but the side of his eye to see the size of a man’s body standing next to them in the urinal. In the locker room, the Peek is quite open. As we know, not all men are equal. This, in particular, is seen as a negative thing in terms of penis size and leads to various insecurities. If a man is always involved with hot women, all merit goes to your penis size.

For men to think of the big common punishments is able to satisfy a better woman. But is it true? Well, no. Vagina is up to 5 cm deep, which also makes an average penis fully able to reach every part of it. All you need is the right knowledge. Clearly, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, the size of the penis does not matter. But, if it is to be noticed in the future, size plays a role.

Many studies have shown that women tend to choose men with big penis of a man with a small penis. This is one reason that the most well endowed movie only men. We can simply say that the question of man’s penis is like a woman’s breasts. Women get breast augmentation just to give a more attractive look, and the same is the reason behind the obsession of men with increased penis size.

Like women, men also have options for enlargement. But, not all penis enhancement methods are safe and effective. You have very challenging otherwise it might end up damaging your body. While the selection varies from one individual to another, most men turn to devices like Jes Extender to add centimeters to your penis size. Extenders are devices that use the tensile force to stimulate the body to trigger the cell division.

Tensile strength is a method to increase clinically tested and proven. Many tribes have used the method to enlarge various parts of the body. Most of the traction market use extenders 600 g 1500 g. It has been shown that if the unit is used 1,200 g for 8 hours per day for 12 weeks, you can increase the penis size by 2 A3 inches.

So if you also want to experience enlargement, consider buying a penis extender. When investing in an interior, make sure that the device is CE certified and is classified as a Class 1 medical device these certifications guarantee that you are buying the Extender is manufactured according to strict standards and is completely safe for use. Most of the writers on the market are enough to be worn under the clothes and discreet, as a result, can be used all day. Just make sure your own remove the device from going to sleep because it could risk damaging your penis due to slipping the device.

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