Luxury Lodging: 5 Hotels to Relax and Meet a Celebrity

Everyone knows that famous people don’t neglect the most diverse ways of additional earnings. Thus, one of the most popular ways of investment is real estate. Actors, singers and politicians increasingly become owners of luxury apartments, villas and even entire…

things to do in connecticut
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5 Best Things to Do in Connecticut

Connecticut offers everything – non-stop entertainment at the two famous casinos, insight into history at the museums and attractive sights, good food, and delicious wine experiences. You could be a permanent resident of the state since ages but still, you…


How to Get to Dubrovnik from Split

If you are in Split and are wondering how to get to the famous fairytale town of Dubrovnik in a conquest to explore the treasures of Dalmatia, then wonder no more as here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the how. 1)…


Bolton for Beginners

This autumn hundreds of bright eyed first years will be heading to Bolton to live in the city for the first time. They’ll be settling into the university there, finding a home in the student accommodation Bolton offers and exploring…


What About Orlando? 5 Must-Visit Sights For Kids

Do you think that traveling with children is difficult and very tiring? It’s possible anywhere, but not in Orlando! This city has everything to allow children to enjoy the best adventures in their life! Orlando, a major metropolis in Florida,…