Dental implants are one of the many advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry that have recently gained growing acceptance in the field of dental implantology and have become a treatment scope form for missing teeth for several reasons.

dental implants and cosmetic surgery

A dental implant is composed of three parts:

The implant: It is a solid device consisting of titanium, a metal well tolerated by oral tissues and bones. The implant is screw-shaped and is designed to imitate the true root of the tooth. This false root is surgically inserted into the jaw and given time to merge with the mandible that surrounds the passage of time in a process called osseointegration.

Pilar: It is the central part of a plant. The lower part of the locking device is connected to the screw-shaped titanium and the upper part is connected to the crown. This part extends beyond the rubber line.

Corona: Also known as “Restoration” is the highest and most visible of the system. Usually porcelain crown is as real as natural teeth.

Cosmetic benefits of Dental implants

There are many benefits and benefits that you can enjoy because of dental implants. This technology offers a range of cosmetic benefit prostheses, some of which are listed below:

Permanent restoration: The main advantage of dental implants compared to other teeth replacement systems is that it is a permanent solution for missing teeth. Since titanium seats are designed to fully integrate with the jaw become permanent.

Improving face appearance: missing teeth cause facial muscles to sag and give the face a “on loan”. They help people trying to restore the toned facial muscles, younger giving them a youthful look.

Improve speech: With this device firmly in your mouth, there is no risk of slipping inside your mouth so that you do not care or dragging mumble your words.

Prevents bone loss:, but the plants are fused to the jaw, prevent loss of bone tissue and give stability to the structure of the face. Trigger the growth of new tissue, which helps to thicken and strengthen the jaw.

Improvement of oral function: Dental implants offer resting jaw and teeth sturdiness and stability and can work normally. In addition, dental implants stimulate and maintain the jaw bone, to prevent bone loss and to help keep the facial features progressive.

Comfort and convenience: Unlike poorly equipped dentures, dental implants avoid unnecessary movements. The plants help to avoid the embarrassment, because they do not loosen, move out of position or fall out of the mouth. The systems eliminate the drawbacks of the use of glue dirt their place.

They allow you to eat all the food: the plants are permanent plants and behave in the same way as the natural teeth, which means that people can eat all the food stuff they like without difficulty eating and chewing.

Durable: Dental implants are very durable. They can last for many years and even a life, even if they take care of them.

Build confidence and self-esteem: appliances Restore your smile to its former splendor. They help you look younger and feel better about yourself.