Today I am hosting in the blog a very interesting article by the architect Linda Cobattled, which tells how to design a healthy home.

I recently attended the conference “a new goal for efficient home: health”. The interventions were trying to answer a very simple question: is it possible to improve the health of people by building better buildings? The answer is YES! But how?

Why do buildings affect health?

The interiors are important because today we spend about 70% of our day in closed environment: at home or in the office. The quality of the air and the choice of building materials become important project themes.

When I am called to design the renovation of the buildings I realized that most people do not have the slightest perception of the problem. Pollution is perceived as a problem that affects only those who live near factories or busy roads, and that it is a problem only for the environment and not for their own health and home.

But speaking of pollution, how much do we really know?
Pollution and health

Pollution is underestimated and poorly studied. There is no difference between indoor and outdoor pollution, because the ultrafine powders can arrive directly inside the houses and in the lungs of the people.

Many argue that pollution is not a problem so important because, in fact, the average life of our times has stretched considerably compared to a few years ago. So why all this alarmism?

The average life has increased because infant mortality has been eliminated and the survival of the elderly has been lengthened. But the average life in health is shortening. Twenty years ago cancer was a rare disease that affected subjects at risk (smokers, workers, etc.), while today it affects everyone.

In the future it will be increasingly important to protect the health of people, especially children in the fetal phase, the one in which the organs are “programmed”, through a healthy home.
How to design a healthy home?

The healthiness of the buildings depends on:

1. Temperature adjustment,

2. Relative humidity control,

3. Replacement of indoor air,

4. Choice of materials.

In my experience as an architect I can see that most of the buildings to be restored have incorrect temperature and humidity levels.

In the picture you see an apartment built in 2000 with serious problems of mildew, because the materials with which it was built wall were not breathable.

I remedied the situation with an inner coat with natural materials and lime.
In recent years I have deepened the use of natural materials in the design of buildings. Use straw, hemp, clay and natural lime for insulation and finishes. These are materials of vegetable origin that do not emit pollutants and are breathable.

The healthiness of the inhabited places is a need to be created.

The new buildings, as well as the existing ones, can be designed to protect the health of the inhabitants.

After this article on interior design, contact me to know how to design the healthiness of your home and office.

Look at other buildings designed for the health of the inhabitants, with the use of natural materials:

Renovation of a terraced house with wood fibre and clay.

Redevelopment of a home with hemp.

Dental implants are one of the many advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry that have recently gained growing acceptance in the field of dental implantology and have become a treatment scope form for missing teeth for several reasons.

dental implants and cosmetic surgery

A dental implant is composed of three parts:

The implant: It is a solid device consisting of titanium, a metal well tolerated by oral tissues and bones. The implant is screw-shaped and is designed to imitate the true root of the tooth. This false root is surgically inserted into the jaw and given time to merge with the mandible that surrounds the passage of time in a process called osseointegration.

Pilar: It is the central part of a plant. The lower part of the locking device is connected to the screw-shaped titanium and the upper part is connected to the crown. This part extends beyond the rubber line.

Corona: Also known as “Restoration” is the highest and most visible of the system. Usually porcelain crown is as real as natural teeth.

Cosmetic benefits of Dental implants

There are many benefits and benefits that you can enjoy because of dental implants. This technology offers a range of cosmetic benefit prostheses, some of which are listed below:

Permanent restoration: The main advantage of dental implants compared to other teeth replacement systems is that it is a permanent solution for missing teeth. Since titanium seats are designed to fully integrate with the jaw become permanent.

Improving face appearance: missing teeth cause facial muscles to sag and give the face a “on loan”. They help people trying to restore the toned facial muscles, younger giving them a youthful look.

Improve speech: With this device firmly in your mouth, there is no risk of slipping inside your mouth so that you do not care or dragging mumble your words.

Prevents bone loss:, but the plants are fused to the jaw, prevent loss of bone tissue and give stability to the structure of the face. Trigger the growth of new tissue, which helps to thicken and strengthen the jaw.

Improvement of oral function: Dental implants offer resting jaw and teeth sturdiness and stability and can work normally. In addition, dental implants stimulate and maintain the jaw bone, to prevent bone loss and to help keep the facial features progressive.

Comfort and convenience: Unlike poorly equipped dentures, dental implants avoid unnecessary movements. The plants help to avoid the embarrassment, because they do not loosen, move out of position or fall out of the mouth. The systems eliminate the drawbacks of the use of glue dirt their place.

They allow you to eat all the food: the plants are permanent plants and behave in the same way as the natural teeth, which means that people can eat all the food stuff they like without difficulty eating and chewing.

Durable: Dental implants are very durable. They can last for many years and even a life, even if they take care of them.

Build confidence and self-esteem: appliances Restore your smile to its former splendor. They help you look younger and feel better about yourself.

When should antiallergic drugs be used?

It should be used if a person has an allergy.

Allergy: Allergens that cause allergies in a person. When an allergen comes into contact with the nasal mucosa of a person who is sensitive to the substance, then the allergy occurs. The allergen is a substance that offends a person’s nasal mucosa.

Example: Suppose a person has an allergy to ambrosia, then inhaling pollen grains can cause allergies. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include the following

Sneezing. Congestion. Aqueous nasal cavity.

Allergies can be controlled with the use of anti-allergic medications.

Below is a list of some medications that can be used is as follows:

Generic Clarinex also known as Aerius (desloratadine) allegra generic (fexofenadine). Generic Patanase (Olopatadine hydrochloride). Patanol (Olopatadine).

Why use generic Clarinex/Aerius?

Generic name: Desloratadine. Brand: Clarinex. Generic Clarinex is an anti-allergic drug also known as an antihistamine. Desloratadine is the active ingredient of Generic Clarinex. Aerius is called as an antihistamine, blocking the release of histamine that causes nasal congestion. Aerius gives relief from all the allergic conditions caused due to an allergy. Since it is a drug, then it will have some side effects.

viewing and Using generic Clarinex:

Clarinex is available in doses of 5 mg is used for the relief of allergic rhinitis. It is also recommended for seasonal allergies. Buying generic Clarinex online can be useful, as it is the most convenient way to get the drugs. Whether it is prescription drugs or no prescription, you can get it handy and smooth. It is comfortable when faced with an allergic reaction, then you should avoid getting out so you are saved from another allergy attack.

How much generic Allegra is useful as a treatment for allergies?

Generic name: Fexofenadine. Brand: Allegra. Allegra generic is used in the treatment of patients with allergy and urticaria. Your business name is cheerful. Fexofenadine is also useful in the treatment of seasonal allergies. As discussed earlier, histamine is responsible for the development of allergy attacks. Release of histamine produces all the symptoms of allergy. As an anti-allergic drug, allegra generic block release of histamine thus controlling the allergic attack occurs.

Other anti-allergic: generic Patanol Patanase

Generic Patanase (Olopatadine hydrochloride)-

Generic name: Olopatadine. Brand: Patanase. Olopatadine nasal Spray is available. It is used to treat seasonal allergies. Generic Patanase is useful in treating sinus problems. One important point to note is that the generic Patanese is not available in a generic format.

Patanol (Olopatadine)-

Generic name: Olopatadine (ophthalmic solution). Brand: Patanol. This is an antiallergic medication used for the relief of redness and itching of the eyes caused due to allergic reactions. It is a solution that is applied to the affected part pain.

Penis has always been regarded as the crucial point of masculinity. Men, who have a bigger and stronger penis, are considered more manly than men with smaller penises. Fixation with penis size is not a novelty for humans. Since ancient times, we are programmed in this way. But does the size really matter in today’s world? Well, it would be wrong to say that it is not so, because it was not important, then the penis enlargement industry would be out of the market.

But as we all know that the enlargement industry is growing exponentially every day. This is enough to show that even today men are concerned about their penis size and want to add a few centimeters of it. But the reasons are not very clear so far. We decided to pause for a while in depth the issue of enlargement and find out the reasons men are attracted to magnifying devices as extenders.

Most men tend to look, but the side of his eye to see the size of a man’s body standing next to them in the urinal. In the locker room, the Peek is quite open. As we know, not all men are equal. This, in particular, is seen as a negative thing in terms of penis size and leads to various insecurities. If a man is always involved with hot women, all merit goes to your penis size.

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Tensile strength is a method to increase clinically tested and proven. Many tribes have used the method to enlarge various parts of the body. Most of the traction market use extenders 600 g 1500 g. It has been shown that if the unit is used 1,200 g for 8 hours per day for 12 weeks, you can increase the penis size by 2 A3 inches.

So if you also want to experience enlargement, consider buying a penis extender. When investing in an interior, make sure that the device is CE certified and is classified as a Class 1 medical device these certifications guarantee that you are buying the Extender is manufactured according to strict standards and is completely safe for use. Most of the writers on the market are enough to be worn under the clothes and discreet, as a result, can be used all day. Just make sure your own remove the device from going to sleep because it could risk damaging your penis due to slipping the device.