It is prom season, and the pressure is mounting for the planning to begin. Prom can be an amazing and memorable experience, following these easy prom tips for guys can make it an even more fun and stress-free evening that will be remembered for many years to come.

Before the Prom

The Tux, prom is a black-tie affair, so that means you’ll need a tuxedo. Life usually throws you limited chances to wear a tux, no matter young or old – so enjoy it! We recommend keeping it simple and classic: single button, peak lapel coat, a waist coat, and traditional black pants.

Rent your tux instead of buying it, it is unlikely you will need to wear a tux on many more occasions at your age and as you’re still growing, better to opt for a rental. Make sure your jacket fits nicely on the shoulders and the chest.

Haircut, the girls typically go all out with getting their hair, makeup and nails done prior to prom, and there are no reason guys cannot pamper themselves too! Book in at the barber shop and get a straight razor shave.

Get Involved, get involved in the limo, pre-party, and post-party plans! Prom is not just the event itself, it is all the activities before and after too. If you’re going with a date, try to plan your pre-prom activities together. Make post-party plans with your girl and guy friends, sharing ideas and making sure you have a great post-prom time.

Don’t forget the corsage, you are traditionally expected to give your date a bracelet of prom flowers before the dance. To get the perfect one, find out what color her prom dress is, then order the corsage a week prior to prom from your local florist, they will match the color with her prom outfit.

On the Night

Pick up your date, be prompt to pick up your date, greet her parents politely and compliment your date many times during the evening. The girls will have taken a long time to choose their prom dresses. JJ’s House designer Jessica adds ‘prom dresses 2019 are unique and special outfits, girls spend weeks choosing the perfect one, she will appreciate the compliments very much!’

Get on the Dance Floor! Prom is a time for dancing, not a time to be sat in a corner. Take your date and strut your stuff on the dancefloor with her and your friends. Just have fun, don’t worry about your dance moves, relax and enjoy the evening!

Spend time with your date, AND your friends, neither your date nor your friends want to be ditched at the main event. It is sometimes difficult to juggle both, especially you and your date have different friendship groups. Perhaps spend pre-prom with one group and post-prom with the other?

Have fun, after all the prep is completed, you can finally relax. Have fun, let loose, take lots of pictures, and dance the night away! Prom happens once in your life, so enjoy it!